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Welcome to the online globalwisdomproject.com community!

  1. The humble purpose of The Global Wisdom Project (GWP) site is to make humanity wiser by making available the collective Wisdom of everyone living, and everyone who has ever lived that we have records of.
  2. This site is dedicated to the mission of archiving, categorizing, discovering and exploring the stories, aphorisms, essays and other content around the experience and achievement of Human Wisdom.
  3. You are encouraged to view as much Global Wisdom Project content as you wish for free, and to share what you learn with others both online and offline.
  4. Anyone 13 and over can join globalwisdomproject.com by providing basic contact information (first and last name, email address, country of residence). Once registered, please feel free to set up a profile and join the community in recording your stories on globalwisdomproject.com, participating in conversations or by getting involved in a locally organized Global Wisdom Project event.
  5. By inviting you to participate in Global Wisdom Project stories, comments and Global Wisdom Project conversations, we are seeking to build a mature online community centered around ideas and concepts related to Wisdom. Please be aware, when participating, that we will remove:
    • content promoting pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, zealotry, proselytizing, self-promotion, product-hawking, and hate speech.
    • content written in txtspeak, all-caps, or otherwise lazy grammar
    • content posted by members using joke names or non-names
    • disrespectful, distasteful, unconstructive, or illegal content
  6. If you are under the age of 13, you may not create a globalwisdomproject.com account. You're welcome to watch Global Wisdom Project content and enjoy the site, but you need to be at least 13 to create an account on globalwisdomproject.com.
  7. If you are a Registered but Free (The Explorer) member or you have a Registered and Subscribed account (The Seeker) and act disrespectfully, disruptively or illegally on globalwisdomproject.com, we reserve the right to terminate your membership, at any time, and without prior warning and no refund will be granted for the remaining period (either to the end of the month or year) of the paid subscription.
  8. For those who purchase one of our services, We (Global Wisdom Project LLC) reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, up until the scheduled and confirmed date and time of the interview.
  9. If We refuse or cancel service (not a subscription) that a customer purchased, GWP will refund the full charge of the service.
  10. We reserve the right to use the video of the customer, or any non-customer who submits a video or other content to the Global Wisdom Project, for promotional or advertising purposes.
  11. Any customer of the Global Wisdom Project services will have a free account created, and any recordings or video content shall be posted under their user account.
  12. The customer may request at any time to either remove their interview or recordings from the website for any reason.  All requests must be received by the Global Wisdom Project LLC in writing, and may be submitted through the Contact Us section and should include the customers username and the name of the recording.
  13. Cancellations from the customer may be requested at any time, for any reason, up until 24 hours prior to the scheduled and confirmed date and time of the interview.  After the period of 24 hours prior to the scheduled and confirmed date and time of the interview, no refunds will be allowed.  Prior to the period of 24 hours prior to the scheduled and confirmed date and time of the interview, if a customer requests to cancel their interview, a full refund will be processed.
  14. All Interviews of customers will be scheduled by the Global Wisdom Project at a time and location to be determined.
  15. For any and all stories submitted through any page of the site, no recordings will be published unless the submitter has at least an active free account (The Explorer) membership.
  16. If a video interview was submitted (and published) without the consent of that person, the person in question will have to submit a written request to remove the content from this site, including but not limited to two forms of picture identification.
  17. The Global Wisdom Project reserves the right to put a disclaimer on any video that contains explicit language or content.
  18. All media submitted to the Global Wisdom Project that is approved for publication on the site GlobalWisdomProject.com may be placed, posted or otherwise utilized on any area of the site GlobalWisdomProject.com as well as utilized on any promotional media including but not restricted to advertisements or other marketing materials.
  19. The Global Wisdom Project does not verify the veracity or truth of any story submitted by a Global Wisdom Project member, nor does the Global Wisdom Project take any responsibility regarding the truth claims or content of any video published on the site.
  20. These terms may be amended and updated at any time, but any updates will not affect any customers who have already purchased their services.

We are serious about reading and considering all feedback we receive. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding these Terms of Use, please let us know.

Thank you. And now, please enjoy!

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