It all began... in a Starbucks

Our Story

The Global Wisdom Project was founded by Philip Charles Williams in 2012.

The Global Wisdom Project recognizes that one of the greatest modern human needs is the need for authentic meaning.

After food and shelter, meaning is what most people want, and they are looking for it when they go to Church or Synagogue, to the Art Museum or the Mall… it’s why they watch sports, or follow politics.

In the absence of meaning, people drink heavily or do drugs, engage in violence or feel generally helpless or alone.

The Global Wisdom Project was founded to respond to this felt absence of meaning with a human face, a human story and human kindness.

People want to know what other people’s life experiences are like, and that knowledge about other people’s experiences is wisdom and the experience of that wisdom is meaningful.


The Global Wisdom Project only publishes video from members, who can record their stories directly through the website or upload pre-recorded video of them related to one of our categories of meaning.

The Global Wisdom Project does not publish unapproved videos from any third party vendor or website.

Stories on the Global Wisdom Project are meant to entertain, provoke, challenge, inspire, unify and engage users as few websites have ever done.

Stories are vehicles for meaning, experience and wisdom… and the best stories have the power to change the world.

Where do the stories come from?  Only from Global Wisdom Project members.  Where do Global Wisdom Project members comes from… everywhere.


We are happy to answer any question you may have. Let us know how we can help you. -The Global Wisdom Project Support Team


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